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Temporary Warehouse Solutions


Accessories – Temporary Warehousing

1. Gable air vents

Provides means of escape for unwanted heat and gas.

2. Thermo inflatable roofs

Minimises the risk of internal condensation forming on the inside of the roof.

3. Single layer roofs

Single layer, industrial grade, flame retardant white PVC coated fabric for the roof sections.

4. Skylights (with steel roofs)

To allow natural sunlight to enter the structure.

5. Composite steel roofs

For added strength and durability.

6. Gutter systems

For rainwater management.

7. HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning)

For temperature and humidity control.

8. Personnel door units

With or without window panels & (MOE) panic-push-bars.

9. Access ramp units

Supplied for personnel, pedestrian and goods access.

10. Roller shutter door units

Manual, electric and rapid access speed doors available.

11. Vertical glass walling

Manufactured in double glazed laminated safety glass.

12. Water sealed walls

To minimise water ingress.

13. Automatic pedestrian door units

The optimum solution for public entrance and exit points.

14. Internal and external lighting

Low bay halides and strip light systems as standard.

15. Corrugated steel sheet walling

Provides a cost effective, yet secure and durable wall.

16. Horizontal glass walling

Manufactured in double glazed laminated safety glass.

17. Sliding door units

Budget alternative when compared with roller shutter doors.

18. Double (MOE) Means of escape door units

Manufactured from robust & durable, insulated galvanised steel

19. 40 / 60 / 70 / 80mm Composite walling panels

Provides a secure, durable, corrosion resistance and maintenance free finish.

20. Overhead door canopies

Provides additional external shelter for personnel.